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Award Program
Mission Statement

The Mission Statement For The Awards

This statement below obliges designers, webmasters and me to do the following:

1. The website design will not be awarded if it violates the basic ethical principles deemed to poetry.

2. If correct ethical principles were established , but it fails to have the proper web design or basic criteria that is set in my award(s), the website will not be awarded the award(s) that was applied for.

3. Websites that meet ethical and creative normal standards.

4. I will be objective, be professional and review each site that applied which meets the basic criteria of the award program in full.

5. The website that meets the ethical and creative principles, while the basic and specific criteria have defects, will be linked to the place within the award program that they have achieved.

6. The sites that promote sex, racism, intolerance, and violence will be disqualified.

7. I will treat each website with respect, with no malice, and with no hatred when reviewing websites that have applied for my award that violates the ethical and creative rules of this award program.