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About Me

Silverwolf's Bio

NAME: Patrick K.

LIVES: West Springfield, Massachusetts

HEIGHT: 5 Feet 7 Inches WEIGHT: 195 lbs.

HAIR: Brown EYES: Baby Blue Eyes

BORN: June 24th, 1970, at 4:26pm

MARITAL STATUS: Single with no children

My Favorites
FAVORITE SPORTS: Hockey, Baseball, NASCAR, and Horse Racing.
Major League Baseball (MLB)-Boston and Houston.
National Hockey League (NHL)-New Jersey and San Jose.
American Hockey League (AHL)-Springfield
National Football League (NFL)-New Orleans and New England
National Basketball Association (NBA)-Boston
Major League Soccer (MLS)-New England
NASCAR Drivers-Matt Kenseth

FAVORITE BOOKS: Moby Dick, Tom Sawyer, and The Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes stories.
FAVORITE BOOK SERIES: Spenser For Hire, Wheel Of Time, and The Lovejoy Mysteries

FAVORITE AUTHORS: Robert Parker, Jonathon Gash, Robert Jordan, and Mark Twain.
FAVORITE MOVIES: Ladyhawke, The Cutting Edge, Pure Country, and any romantic comedies.
FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Bones, Family Guy, NCIS, NCIS LA,  Sanctuary, The Mentalist, and Adult Swim.
FAVORITE ANIME SERIES: Negima, Bleach, Naruto, Girls Bravo, Mahurabo, MoonPhrase, DNAngel, Black Cat, Welcome to the NHK, and Ah My Goddess.
FAVORITE MANGA BOOKS: Negima, Hayate the Combat Butler, Nagasarete Airantou, Black Cat, Rozen Maiden, DNAngel, Tenchi Muyo, Bleach, XXXholic, and Naruto.
FAVORITE MUSIC SINGERS OR GROUPS: Kenny Chesney, Vince Gill, Clay Walker, Bryan White, Rascal Flatts, Nickelback, and Lonestar.

Poems That Are Published

Her Heart was published in 2000.  Chasing The Dawn, page 93, ISBN 1-58235-547-9.
A Soft Breeze Of Beauty was published in 2001.  Devotions Of The Mind, page 46, ISBN 0-7951-5006-7.
Fireplace was published in 2001.  A Garden Of Dreams, page 123, ISBN 0-7951-5059-8.
Patiently was published in 2002. The Best Poems & Poets Of 2001, page 126, ISBN  0-7951-5178-0.
Profile Of Love was published in 2003. The Best Poems & Poets Of 2002, page 125, ISBN 0-7951-5205-1.
Melting Hearts was published in 2003. The Road That Never Ends, page 35, ISBN 0-7951-5152-7.
She Is A Wish was published in 2004. The Colors Of Life, page 1, ISBN 0-7951-5239-6.
There Standing was published in 2004. INVOKING THE MUSE, page 1.


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