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What Is Important

People say that
couples these days,
like us, don't have
a chance to survive
with all the outside
pressures to succeed.
People tend to forget
about their
relationship and take
it for granted that
it will last forever.
The mistake is people
focus more on money
and possessions
rather then people.
All the odds stacked
up against us in the
beginning, taking the
leap of faith to
prove that both you
and I will work at
the relationship,
and never forget what
is important in life.
It isn't the
possessions nor how
much money. It is the
love you give and are
given by that special
person that is the
most important thing
in a passionate

Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K

With Me
To be with me
Isn't that hard to see.
I will open my heart
and never part.
I expect to have love
and have it soar like
a dove.
I would give you hugs
when you are in tears
and protect all of your
From the first moment
I saw you I knew what
to do.
To love you without
conditions set and
trust you completely
without fret.
I declare that I will
love you until I die
so be with me and
we shall try.

Patrick K
Copyright 2002 Patrick Jay K