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Has Anyone...
Has anyone told you could
take a man's breathe away
by simply being who you are?
Has anyone told you how
beautiful you are with your
glistening and silky skin, your
sparkling blue eyes, your
slender arms and legs, your
long and curly hair, your
delicate hands, and those
passionate, kissable lips of
Has anyone told you are
more gorgeous on the inside
with your intelligence, your
wisdom, your caring heart,
your good soul, your charm,
your passion, your desires,
your patience, your courage,
your understanding, and
your wit?
Has anyone told you how
special you are to have by
the side of a man to care, to
protect, to love, and to
simply enjoy the simplest
things in life?
Patrick K
Copyright 2003 Patrick K

Heavenly Hope
There was a gleam in her
brown eyes that has not
been there for some time
now. The look of
passionate hope that
someone will make her
feel important and needed.
A couple of tears stroll
down her soft, flushed
cheeks. She smiled softly
with those sensuous and
kissable lips. She needed
for him to want her to feel
desirous. As he held her
close securely, his delicate
touch would send her
shivers all across sexy her
body. Her strawberry blonde
hair glistens under the lights
against his chest. He
genteelly gave her a tender
kiss on her neck to reassure
her that it is not a dream.
She turned and faced him to
speak but he touch her lips
with his left index finger to
keep her quiet. He removed
his finger and leaned in to
kiss her heavenly. From that
kiss they were both feeling
like they were floating upon
the sky.
Patrick K
Copyright 2003 Patrick K