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Perchance her dreams
become a reality when
she is married to a man
who adores her without
Perchance she can be
simply happy to live
with him for the rest of
her life.
Perchance fate has
finally smiled on her.
Perchance she has the
ability to be strong
when at times of
weakness she holds up.
Perchance her love will
be there until the day
she moves on to this
life and into the next.

Patrick Jay K
Copyright 2003 Patrick Jay K

Profile Of Love

To treat a lady will
reflect how much love
she will give. He
should never push
anything on her. She
will not respond to
the pushing. He
should treat her with
respect, acceptance,
honesty, kindness,
gentleness, and love.
Respect her for who
she is and not what
you see her as.
Accept her with all
the good and bad
things about her
without conditions.
Never lie to her,
even the little
lies. she is strong
enough to know the
truth. Treat the
lady with kindness
for she will do the
same. Gentle does
not mean to handle
her like she was
fragile. She is a
woman and treat her
as such. When you
love her put a
hundred and ten
percent into it.
She won't ask for
more then she can
give. Be romamntic
everyday with her
even if it is a
simple thing like
a hug. You do not
always have to buy
her things. It is
time spent with her
that she will

Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K