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Her Heart

She knows her heart
has been broken
into tiny pieces by
a man. Could she
love again? Only
she can answer that.
No man can force her
to do what she
thinks is best for
her heart. She wants
to feel the need of
passion, love,
romance, and truth.
But at what price
will she sacrifice
her heart? Only she
knows if she will
let another man
into her heart.

Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K

Her Love

Her love never waver for him
for as long as she will know
him. Throughout the good
and bad times not once she
couldn't say to herself he
wasn't worth the trouble. In
her life she has never shared
so intimate her feelings. She
has explored a side of herself
nobody ever gained entry, but
him. She adores the time spent
together like a kid in a candy
store. Her vast amount of
imagination within her brilliant
mind makes her blush at things
he does to her. She wants them
to be real so bad she can taste
him. She wants him to embrace
the idea that she is real and her
feelings are real so that he will
let her inside his heart. With
their first sight, with their first
kiss, with their first embrace,
and with their first intimate
moment things will totally change
but not her love for him. It will
simply intensify.

Patrick K

2004 Patrick K