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Indian Beauty
She studies hard and never
gets to play. She is shy
and reserve. The type to
keep to herself. She is
beautiful though and some
should recognize that her
inner beauty triumphs over
any opinion of her by anyone.
She thinks in ways only she
could. Her outer beauty go
far beyond indescribable
words. Her skin is ever so
silky to the touch. Her eyes
glimmer with her future
hopes and desires. Her lips
are soft and very desirable to
kiss. Her hair is delicately
tied back out of her pretty
face. Her embrace can calm
even the most stormy person.
Her body is a temple to not
only worship but to handle with
care. She desires to fall in love
someday, but she will not
settle for the first man to cross
her path. She is after all the
Indian beauty that could take
men's breathe away if she was
willing to try.

Patrick K

Copyright 2007 Patrick K

Melting Hearts
Snuggling together near a
roaring fire as the snow
falls outside. With hot
chocolate to drink to keep
warm. Soft music playing
in the background. I
brushed her dangling hair
away from her eyes. She
looks as beautiful as the
first day I met her. A smart,
caring, passionate, funny,
and romantic lady. One
that knows what she wants
out of her life. The fire
cracks the wood as I
whisper softly into her ear
and say, "You are beautiful
all day. From morning to
night. From sadness to
happiness. Nothing will
make it otherwise through
the years. You are my
angel who protects me and
guides me through life's
ups and downs." She
looked at me and smiled
and kissed me genteelly
on the lips and turned and
snuggled watching the fire.
The snow still was falling
as I took a sip of hot
chocolate simply smiling.
Patrick K
Copyright 2002 Patrick K