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Looking at her smiling back
with a tear streaming down
her flush cheek thinking how
lucky I am to have her here
sharing my life with an
angelic lady like her.
I delicately wipe her pure tear
away from her soft cheek.
She gazed into my eyes and
placed her hand on top of
mine that is on her cheek.
Her silky hand felt almost
mystical to the touch. It
sent chills through me. She
leaned close and kiss me so
softly on the lips. I was
warmed by the kiss. I placed
my other hand on her other
cheek and leaned in to kiss
her passionately. She took
my breathe away and
everything around us went
black but her in front of me.
She smiled and we
snuggled closely listening
to the fire in the woodstove.
Patrick K
Copyright 2004 Patrick K

Her Desires

Her desires are simple,
but yet hard to
accomplish because
she carefully protects
her heart from
breaking into tiny
pieces by a man.
She desires to simply
be swept off of her
feet by a man who
desires every thing
of what and who she
is. He would want to
know the good and
the bad things in
order to accept her
without conditions.
She desires to be
passionate and
wants it in return.
Her passion for him
will never fade as
long as he gives
her all of his
passionate feelings.
They will love each
other until they
She desires to be
intimate with that
man who she loves
without conditions.
She wants to see
him be vulnerble.
She wants to hear
him be loving. She
wants to feel his
embrace, his lips,
his body next to
hers making love
throughout the

Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K