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Mexican Doll
Across the crowded room
was a petite Mexican doll.
The gentleman's eyes locked
onto her as everything
around him went quiet. Her
brown shoulder length hair
twirled when she flip her
head around to scan the room.
Her brown eyes twinkled as
the room lights hit them. She
saw the gentleman looking at
her and began to blush. They
met in the middle of the
crowded room and introduced
themselves to each other. He
said, "La señora es hermosa."
She blushed. She said,
"Gracias." They mingled
together around the packed
room. At the end of the night,
she asked what he thought of
her. He carefully chosen his
words. He said, "Intelligent,
kind, attractive, passionate,
understanding, enchanting,
and sensual lady who
deserves happiness." She
hugged him and whispered,
"Gracias." They went their
seperate ways having made
a new friend.
Patrick K
Copyright ©2004 Patrick K

My Star

My star that twinkles
brightly when you are
excited about life.
My star who someday
I will gaze into your
turquoise eyes to
see who you are. To
be that close and to
feel your arms around
me and to feel your
heart beating. To be
vulnerable and to be
able to show each
emotion from
happiness to sadness
become real and
My star who is far
away now burns
bright into my heart
and amazes me more
often then she will
ever know.
My star who is
difficult to read
without prior
knowledge and time
simply spent.
My star who cannot
be put into
categories for
which there are
My star that I
can reach for and
hold tight to
never let go.

Patrick K

Copyright © 2002 Patrick K