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The Key
She yearns to simply
just to be loved for
who she is and not
what others expect she
should be. Her heart
is carefully locked
within her. If her
shining knight in her
life can find that key
to unlock her cautious
heart, she will explode
with all of her
unexplored and
untapped emotions
toward him. Be patient
with her and listen to
her with all your five
senses. Accept all of
her faults and deal
with them as well as
you can. Give all that
you can and she will
do exactly the same.
Hold her close to
your heart because
she will matter
when nothing in the
world might when
you are feeling low.
The key to her heart
is simply bring her
into your world and
combine both worlds
to make it as happy,
as romantic, as
passionate, and as
honest and open
minded as you can.
She will let you
unlock her heart
if you can do this.
Patrick K
Copyright 2004 Patrick K

The One
I want to be the one
who makes life a little
bit better. The one to
give you experiences
you have never
thought about. The
one who holds you
when you need
someone there with
you. The one who
will listen to all your
fantasies, thoughts,
ideas, opinions, and
advice. The one who
you have dreamt of
as being your knight
in shining armor. The
one who will love
you unconditionally
throughout time
together. The one
who makes you smile
when there are times
you need to. The one
who will give his
heart without the fear
of you breaking it
into tiny pieces. The
one who simply will
make your life as
romantic, as
passionate, as fun,
and as enjoyable
during time.

Patrick K
Copyright 2003 Patrick K