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Personal History

NAME: Patrick Krawczynski
AGE: 32
CAREER: Writer and Webmaster.
LIVE: West Springfield, Massachusetts


February, 2001, was asked by a lady to write a poem for her. I use to write short stories as a child, and so she wanted me to see if I can try poetry. The poem was called, Five Things I Wish For. I have written over a hundred or so poems since then. I have 24 copyrighted poems at http://www.poetry.com. Four poems published by The International Library Of Poetry. Her Heart, A Soft Breeze Of Beauty, Fireplace  and Patiently. Currently a member of the International Society Of Poets.
This website has been running since September, 2001. The original website was forced to move because the original host lost the ability to host websites. I have been constantly updating this website with new and related features that I hope the readers will like. I know it is hard work and time consuming to produce a well designed website for others to enjoy. Websites should be rewarded for the good job done to those webmasters/webmistresses who take their thoughtfulness and turn it into a website. I enjoy learning new things in life so I like to websurf and read things that I did not even know. Of course most awards given are partly subjective, but with my criteria and determination to uphold the truth when giving out an award, I do my duty to give the appropriate award.