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Award Program

General Criteria
FONT- The font should be easily readable by all viewers of the website. Appropriate size, color, and style should relate to the website's theme.
Graphics- Limit the graphics that blink to a maximum of five per page. The background of each page should be consistent to the main theme of the website. The background shouldn't cause the reader to go blind. Appropiate size of each graphic is recommended to be nor larger then the page unless a reason stated. Downloading should be within one minute.
Eye Appeal-The website should maintain the main theme throughout the website. Graphics and links should not be broken. Absolutely no "Under Construction" or "Coming Soon" sign on the websute. Absolutely no porn, exploitation, racism or other illegal themes towards others.
Bandwith-No bandwidth stealing from other websites without proper permission. Use a graphic from another website give the author or the website credit. Use music credit where you got it and/or minimum put who sings it and what the title of the song is.
Miscellaneous-Have the proper scripts. Scripts that crash my browser or anyone that views the website will be disqualified immediately.
Navagation-Navagation within a website should have on each page to access the next page or a back page to view. If the website does not have a next page or a back page, the website should have another form of access to the next page or back page.
Links-A website that consist of just links will be disqualified. Have some kind of information on the website. Make sure there are no broken links prior to applying for the award(s). Internal and external links should open appropriately. Internal links within the website. External links should open to a new browser window.
Site Attractiveness-Should appeal to the general visitor and unique on its on merits.
Coppa-Must be 13 years or older to apply for my award under COPPA. Please read what COPPA is before applying. Link below explains.
Family and children safe websites-Highly recommended to apply.
Language-Should be in English language or a have a translator for/to English should be included on a website.
Privacy statement-If the website ask for personal information, have a clear and understandable statement to let the viewers know what you plan on doing with their information.
Copyright statement-Should be displayed and give credit to others who have their work on your website. Content, images, or other work they have done to help your site.
Java scripts-Use them effectively and appropriately. Do not like scripts that cause my browser to crash.
Music-Should be a way to have access to turn the sound off if desired.

Specific Criteria :
Theme-Have consistency of an idea, thought, or purpose throughout the website.  Should be different then any other website of its kind. Theme should have well construction and everything working (links, graphics, and music).
Design-Layout of the website should be useful, unique, and properly functional for the website user. When seperate categories are involved, you may seperate background designs. Keep scrolling down to a page to minimal use. Center graphics and text appropriately when needed. No excess centering graphics and text when not needed. Have the tables and frames in proper working condition. Frames and tables that do not work, crash my browser, or causes any other errors will be disqualified.
Spelling & Grammar-Spelling and grammatical errors should be minimal and easily understood. Test color should be readable with the background. Never use a font style that the viewer can't read.
Graphics-The graphics should clear, visually pleasing to the the viewer's eyes and must be related to the theme of the website. Credit others if you use their graphics.
Browser-Will be checked with Internet Explorer 5.x minimum.
Password-Any password protected areas will not be reviewed by me.

Best Poetic Heart Criteria:

The poetry must be of original work by the webmaster/webmistress unless you are giving permission by the author who wrote the poetry. Must say you have been granted permission to use their work.
The poetry must be spelled correctly.
The website, where the poetry is posted, should fit the general and specific criteria above.
The poetry should not contain illegal or unwanted content (porn, exploitation, racism, etc) or any kind of hate messages towards others.
The poems should have a theme.
I must like the poetry.

If you still are confident enough that your website qualifies to win an award, click below to go to the self test/scoring.