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Award Program
Self Test/Scoring

Self Testing

CONTENT (25% of the final score)
Content is scored for consistency, accuracy, detail, and references. Spelling and grammar will be reviewed. The website should be in English or have a site translator. The website should promote beyond a single paragraph about your cause.

(20% of the final score)
Websites will be rated on how operable and usable its links and navigation are. Script errors, missing images, broken or missing controls, subtract from the overall score of the website. Websites "Under Construction" or "Coming Soon" with excessive advertising will lose significant points. Three adverisers per page is the maximum.

INTEGRITY (20% of the final score)
Websites will be rated on their integrity. The use of flashing images or backgrounds that may trigger sensory response conditions, such as epilepsy; will subtract heavily from the score.

LAYOUT (20% of the final score) 
Color scheme, graphical theme, and consistency will be judged in relation to the content. The use of graphics not relating to the content will be denied an award. Font color should be readable on the background and thought should be given to those who have difficulty distinguishing between colors. Basically, so they everyone can enjoy the website.

 (10% of the final score)
The website should be displayed on an 800x600 or 1024x768 screen in either 256 color or True color mode. Websites with sound effects should have an option to disable the sound such as music

IMPRESSION (5% of the final score) 
Please keep in mind that by applying for any of Silverwolf awards, you are asking for my personal opinion on your website. If the website is rejected for any of the Silverwolf Awards, please do not complain to me if my opinion may not be the same as yours.


25 points CONTENT (20% of the final score)
20 points FUNCTIONALITY (20% of the final score)
20 points INTEGRITY (20% of the final score)
20 points LAYOUT (20% of the final score) 
10 points FLEXIBILITY (10% of the final score)
  5 points IMPRESSION (10% of the final score) 
100 total points for final score.

90-100 Silverwolf Gold Award
80-89 Silverwolf Silver Award
65-79 Silverwolf Bronze Award
65-100 Best Poetic Heart (Plus I have to like the poetry)

If you are still think you qualify for an award after you have read the criteria and the self testing/scoring sections of the award program, please continue to the Nomination page or the Code of Ethics page. Below are the links.