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Award Program

History Of Program

The award program was created in August, 2001, to support other web designers, rather professional or amateurs, getting the recognition for their visionary work. I decided along with the web design awards (gold, silver, and bronze) that I would create a Best Poetic Heart Award for those individuals brave enough to put their heart and soul into their poetry work and display it on the web for all to see. As a follow poetry writer I like to get recognition of what people think of my poetry.
My website moved to Tripod in September, 2001, because the original web host lost its agreement to support websites. The original website with the awards could not be reached until December, 2001.
The graphics were designed with some help from a friend who wants to be nameless, but is thanked with the help they gave.
November, 2001, applied to , which rated my award program a 2.5. In the future hoping to apply again and improve the rating. December, 2001, applied to, which rated my award program a 7.5.  Also, will apply again and improve the rating.

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