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A Beauty And A Sunset

She was not at the
beach house when I
awoke. A blanket and
a food basket was
not at the house
The sun was just
touching the horizon
as I walked towards
the beach. I saw her
sitting down reading
a book and eating
As I am nearing her,
she looked up at
me with those
sparkling brown eyes
of her. Her shiny,
soft, dark brown
hair was flowing
with every ocean
breeze. I sat down
and she laid in my
arms as she smiled.
I took a grape and
fed it to her. She
She looked deep
into my eyes and
kissed me
passionately. As
we were under the
blanket and the
sun finally
disappeared, she
whispered to me,
"I love you." I
replied, "I love
you too."

Patrick K

2002 Patrick K

A Moment
She approached me from a
crowded room. Could not
hear my own voice with the
loud music and other people
yelling and talking. She
smiled at me as we looked
at each other. I became
speechless. She was even
more beautiful in person
then from her picture. Her
dress fit her perfectly to
her. She leaned and
whispered that she was
happy she to have met
me. I smiled still could
not talk. We gazed into
each other's eyes. She
opened her arms wide
and hugged me tight to
her as I held her. At
that time everything in
the background from
the noise to the people
were gone. Just me
holding her close feeling
her heart beat fast and a
shiver that came across
her. Even though it was
a brief moment, it felf
like a lifetime had past.
We talked that whole
day and night simply
getting to know each
other better.
Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K