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Parent's Angel

Born on December 26,
1979, a baby angelic
girl has grace this
earth. Mom's precious
little bundle of joy.
Dad's delicate little
girl. Parent's gift
to this world. As the
baby girl was growing
up, she was shy, but
attracted friends by
her character and
charisma. Friends
gravitate towards her
ability to listen and
help when you need it.
To me she has and
always will be a great
friend. One who I can
trust. One who will
listen and give me
advice. One who lets
me be me. She has
grown from tragedies
and joys giving her
in life to experience
and survive.
I would like to thank
her parents for
developing a child
into one of the
finest ladies I know.

Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K


Waiting patiently for
a chance with
someone I have
adored for sometime.
She is the beauty
among the princesses
that has affected my
life tremendously
without her
She doesn't have to
say or do much to
still give me
butterflies. The way
she talks, smiles,
thinks, and believes
in me. The waiting
is hard but it is
doing both of us
good. For her it is
helping her to
mature and to see
there are better
things in her life.
For me it is
developing all
aspects of my
Someday we will
meet and then we
will see if what
we think we feel
about each other
can be realize or
is it just
friendship feelings.
Patiently here I
wait for the day
when I can say to
her that she is
worth waiting for
no matter what
she or anyone
else says.

Patrick Jay K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K