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Rose And The Note
The note told her to
be at the beach when
the moon was full
and the stars were
shinning bright. She
saw a little bonfire
on the beach so she
slowly and carefully
approached. She
found a blanket laid
out on the sand. A
basket of food and
another box that
contain a note. Her
long, black hair
flowing as the
breeze of the ocean
blows. Her
sparkling, emerald
eyes were fixated
on the box with the
note on it. She sat
down and looked
at the note. It said,
"My heart is
yours, my soul is
yours, my mind is
yours. All
yours. In this box
is a symbol of my
love to you." As
she took the box
and opened it,
she saw him
standing there
beside her. She
took the red
rose from the
box, and held it
delicately as she
got up to face
him and softly
kissed him. They
sat and held
each other tight
without a word.
Patrick K
Copyright 2002 Patrick K

She Dreams

She dreams of her
knight in shining
armor protecting her
from the evils of
the world. To defend
her honor when some
are jealous of her
and her happiness
with her knight.
She dreams of sunsets
on the beach where a
rainbow streams
across the sky.
Sharing it with her
knight as he feeds
her grapes as they
snuggle trying to
keep warm as the
waves crash against
the shoreline.
She dreams of
falling in love with
a man who will not
lie to her. She
wants to feel loved,
secured, desired,
attractive, and to
feel his warm
embrace when she
needs his arms
around her when she
She dreamt the
sweetest things as
she awakens refresh
and ready for the
day with renewed

Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K