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She Is A Wish

She lays on the beach
not having a care in
the world. Her brown
eyes sparkle as her
blonde hair flows
from the ocean
There are no words
that can do justice
for her outer beauty.
Even I say she is
beautiful does not
compare to what she
looks like. She is
beautiful on the
outside, but even
more in the inside.
She is passionate,
kind, smart, caring,
playful, funny, and
just lives life
simple and to the
best she knows how.
She thrives for the
one who will be her
A passionate, gentle,
yet strong man who
will be there when
she needs him. A man
who she can trust
without doubts. A
man who can give her
unconditional trust
and love.
She glitters like
the stars above that
you wish the
ultimate wish for
having someone like
her to be with you
unconditional and

Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K

Silently Wonder
Silently wonder if by perchance
there is someone out in this
world of ours for me. One who
wants to be treated as equal
partners in a relationship. To
love forever without fear of
getting hurt or losing the feeling.
To just be what you want to be
with me. I wonder if she exist.

Patrick K
Copyright 2002 Patrick K