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Never Going To Be The Same
With every breathe, with
every gaze, and with
every touch, feelings start
to change between us.
Rather that is good or not
cannot be predicted.
Are we ready for that step?
No going back once it
moves ahead. Are you
feeling what I am feeling?
Are you nervous at what
lies between us? Can you
envision us as one forever?
A decision we have to
make. Our relationship is
never going to be the same.
Patrick K

Copyright 2003 Patrick K

No Words Spoken

A little smile between
us. A nod between us.
I walk by her as we
brush up against each
other. She turns to
look directly into my
eyes. I can see her
love and devotion to
me. She saw my love
and devotion for her.
We embraced in a hug
and we held tight
against each other.
We felt each other's
heart beating fast.
She looked up at me
with tears streaming
down her cheeks. We
let go and I wiped
her tears away. She
smiled softly and
tenderly touched my
hand on her soft
cheek and held it
there. She gave me
a soft, deep
passionate kiss. I
return in kind a
passionate kiss.
She hugged me again
and I hugged her
back. We let go of
the hug and walked
in opposite
direction of each
other without saying
a word. We made a
tender romantic moment
without talking. A
romantic touch can go
a long way in a

Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K