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All alone and just
sitting by the
firepace, watching
the wood burn. As
I stare at the fire,
I was thinking how
my life could change
if you would enter
into my life.
My body trembled
twice that night of
reflection. The
first time was when
I was thinking you
might not want me.
The second time was
when I was thinking
you might want me.
My mind started to
race that night at
the possibility
that the next time
I sit and watch
the fire, you will
be in my arms. I
will have your
mind, body, and

Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K

My heart deflated when I
realized you were finally
gone out of my life. I sat
there blankly by the bed
looking around for any
evidence you might still
come back to me. The
shelves were bare of
your mementos and
pictures. Just dust now
occupy the shelves. The
bathroom sink smelled
of your spilled perfume.
That exotic and
intoxicating scent that
use to drive me to
sneeze every now and
then if we got close. I
miss the closeness
now and took it for
granted that you
would not and could
not leave. I simply
asked myself what
went wrong? I tried
what I thought I
should have done
instead of listening
closely to you and
not just with words. I
know you are gone
and maybe with your
perfect gentleman, but
if not I would like
another shot because
I do miss you when
you are gone.

Patrick K
Copyright 2003 Patrick K