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Beautiful Passion

She emerges from the crowd,
breathtaking as ever I saw a
woman. I just watched her
get up and walk off to an
unknown destination.
Words might have went with
her as well. Nothing would
come out of my mouth. I
thought I saw a supermodel
among models, a movie star
among bit players, and a
rock star among backup
She looked that glamorous.
Sitting on top of a hill the
next day she was laying on
the grass below stunning as
ever. Her sunglasses tilted
up to look at the area where
she was. She is the goddess
among goddesses, princess
among the princesses, and
classy among the classiest.
She looked up and saw me
and smiled. I thought at that
minute I would fall for my
beautiful passion in this life
by her smile.

Patrick K

Copyright  2002 Patrick K

Beauty Of The Beach
She got there early in
the day to pick out
her spot on the beach.
Breathtakingly beautiful
she was just sitting
there on a blanket on
top of the hot sand. Her
long, light brown, hair
slowly flows behind her
with every ocean breeze.
Her sparkling, hazel
eyes gaze towards the
ocean's horizon simply
watching the activities
that went on. He watched
her from afar. Nervous
about his approach to
this beauty on the beach.
As day started to go into
night, people were leaving.
The beauty stayed to
watch the sunset. He got
enough courage to walk
towards her with a red
rose delicately in his hand.
She heard him and looked
up at him and smiled
brightly. His nerves
calmed down as he
handed her the rose.
Nothing was said between
the two for a minute. She
motioned him to sit beside
her. He obeyed and watch
the sunset with the beauty
of the beach.
Patrick K
Copyright 2003 Patrick K