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There Standing
There standing in front of
me might be an opportunity
to see how passionate and
loving I can be with her.
There standing in front of
me is someone who has a
heart of gold. A heart that
wants to be filled with love.
There standing in front of
me with her blue eyes
gazing at me trying to
figure me out. I gaze back
into her eyes to see what
she has seen.
There standing in front of
me with her blonde hair
flowing as we discuss
things in life that needs
to be.
There standing in front of
me is an angelic beauty
that might change the
way I look at relationships.
There standing in front of
me is simply someone I
would be lucky to think
that there might be a
future with.
Patrick K
Copyright 2003 Patrick K


Today I would move
heaven and earth just
to hold you under the
bright sun or the
twinkling stars.
Today I would listen
to you talk about
anything that is
important to you in
your life.
Today I would
protect you from
verbal or physical
attacks without
thinking of what
would happen to me.
Today I look
forward when the
day comes when we
first meet. It
should be both
memorable and
Today I was
thinking of you.
The way you smile
when you are happy,
and cry when you
are sad.
Today I want you
to be safe from
harm, to have fun,
to gain memories,
and to enjoy each
today as it comes.
Today like days
past, what I feel
for you will never
fade away.

Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K