Silverwolf's Poetry
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A Soft Breeze of Beauty
She thinks that she is not
a dazzler. Beauty is not
always a super model, is
not always a movie star,
and is not always a
music star. Every person
has their opinion  of what
beauty is supposed to be.
My opinion of her beauty
is breathtaking,  and I
know she will disagree.
I see not by her outer self,
but with her inner self that
she is beautiful. Her
caring nature for people,
her respect for other
people, her poetic heart,
her wisdom of what and
how she says things,
and her courage to be
able to just be herself.
If people stop and look
not what is outside of
the person,  but what is
inside of the person,
then that is beauty.
Patrick K
Copyright 2002 Patrick K

A Wish

She needed time to think things
through about her life as she sat
down on the sand of a private
beach. No one was around but
her. She wore this amazing
swimsuit that showed off her
beautiful body. She looked out at
the horizon over the sea and
wondered if she will ever find
someone who she is destined to
be with. She closed her pretty
eyes and wished her destiny was
there with her. She opened her
eyes to see a red rose directly in
front of her as she looked up at
who was holding the rose. It
could not be she thought that a
man could suddenly appear out
of nowhere. He smiled brightly
at her as he handed her the
rose. She took it and got up to
face him as she hugged him
close. He could feel her heart
beat that was beating faster by
the minute. She gazed into his
eyes to see that he cared for
her deeply. He leaned down to
kiss her luscious lips as
romantic as possible. She sat
down as he sat behind her
holding her against his chest
not saying a word. Simply
listening to the ocean waves
and enjoying the romantic
moment created by her wish
that came true.

Patrick K

Copyright 2008 Patrick K