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Her touch makes me shiver
with ecstasy of what she
can do to me.
Her words make me quiver
at the thought of how much
she loves me and that I can
Her tenderness makes me
weak because she cares
and protects me with
everything she can.
Her beauty makes me fall
for her as she stands there
with nothing but a smile and
a future plan.
Her intelligence makes me
think about possibilities that
were at one time impossible
at one time.
Her love making makes me
want and need her with all
the passion I can give and
it will be sublime.
Patrick K
Copyright 2004 Patrick K

Falling In Love With Your Heart
The hardest thing a person
can do is to let your heart
fall in love. You have to
trust the person who you
will show your emotions to.
You have to be comfortable
with that person.
When falling in love, you
need to let your heart take
over. If you do not, then
you will cause major
conflicts within your
emotions. Your heart is
amazing when in control
of your emotions.
Let your heart open up
and accept the  gift of love
by another. The heart
knows when there is
trouble, and knows when
there is joy. You just have
to listen to it.
Fall in love with your heart
because you will find
passion, respect, honesty,
loyalty, love, kindness,
romance, and  also if you
do there will be excitement.

Patrick K
Copyright 2004 Patrick K