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His Touch
Her hand softly touched
his face. Her eyes were
filled with tears. She
tried to have a big smile,
but she could not. Within
her she knew how much
pain she can cause him
by not telling what was
scarring her. She never
felt this much alive with
a person, and yet she is
scared with that. All
these emotions came
pouring out just because
he accepted her no
matter what she has
done in her past. It is
that kind of unconditional
love she has never
received in her life. He
wipes her tears away and
looks deep into her eyes.
She begins to cry as he
takes her in his arms and
holds on tight and making
sure she cannot get away.
She wants to pull away
but feels safe in his arms.
No words were exchanged
as she snuggled into him
and drifted off to sleep
exhausted from all the
emotions within her.

Patrick K
Copyright 2002 Patrick K

If Her Wishes Came True

If her wish came true,
she would be a
princess and have her
knight in shining
armor by her side.
Her knight would
protect her from the
evils of the world.
If her wish came true,
there would be a man
she can love
unconditionally. She
could devote a part
of her life with him.
She would trust him
without doubts.
If her wish came true,
there would be a man
who would love her
unconditionally. He
would give her the
world if he could
without thinking of
himself. The intense
passion of wanting
his kisses and his
touch makes her
tingle. It is that
kind of love she
desires to have.
If her wish came true,
she would get married
and have children.
Her knight and she
would be good parents
and even better
grandparents as they
grow old together
with the passionate
love affair being
there for an eternity.

Patrick K

Copyright 2002 Patrick K