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Afraid To Fall

Protective of my heart from all it
has endured through the loss,
pain, and rejection. The almost
was, could have been, the
near times, and the bad timing
cumulates into a thick wall around
my heart that none can penetrate
or will allow to. I can't foresee
a lady taking a chance on someone
who is afraid to fall even if she
has given me ample proof that she
is genuine with her feelings
towards me. Skeptical at her
motives of why she wants to try to
see if there is a forever. Could I
let anyone into my heart and let
go of being afraid to fall in love?

Patrick K

Copyright 2003 Patrick K

An Angel Above
She is who she is. A
deeply passionate woman
who desires the simple
things. To love with her
heart with it not having
breaking by a man. To
give all of herself without
getting rejected. To be
vulnerable and having
someone there to listen
or just hold her tight. To
have passion towards
her without an agenda
behind it. She is an angel
above to treat as such.
Treat her like you love
without fear. Treat her
with no conditions set.
Treat her as an equal
that you can't live
without. If you can do
this, she will be yours
Patrick K
Copyright 2004 Patrick K